Hippo Video: AI-Powered Video Platform for GTM Teams
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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

All-in-one AI Video Platform

Create Videos
Without Recording
From Text
At Scale

Transform any piece of content into an interactive video using a full-featured AI video platform.

Trusted by 5000+ businesses and 1.5 million+ users around the world

Create interactive videos easily and quickly


Transform words into stunning videos — featuring interactive avatars — in a few clicks.

Interactive Human Avatars

Create AI avatars — that walk, talk, and gesture with uncanny realism — within minutes.

Prompt to Video

Create full-fledged videos with just one-line prompts. Could it get easier than this?

Personalized Video Campaigns

Record 1 video, personalize it and send it to 1000s of prospects directly from your favorite automation tool.

LinkedIn & Website background videos

Deploy personalized videos across the customer journey and enhance market impact — at scale.

Interactive Videos

Allow your viewers to interact with you via in-video CTAs, forms, polls, surveys, and more.

Screen & Webcam Recorder

Record yourself, your screen, or both seamlessly and share it with ease—anywhere.

Hippo Video SDK

Integrate video capabilities into your preferred platforms with our plug-and-play solution.

video use cases

Accelerate video production and enhance engagement effectiveness

Scaled personalize outreach

Send hyper-personalized videos by recording 1 and sending it to 1000s within your CRM or sales platform using your own AI avatar.

Generate training video

Revolutionize your content with our holistic, GenAI-driven video platform, making complex video production a thing of the past.

Transform text to videos

Instantly transform a prompt, PPT, PDF, or a blog post into an interactive video, featuring Interactive Human Avatars.

Explainers, KB, and demo video

Improve customer self-service, reduce support workload, and boost product understanding with a comprehensive video library.

Make your platform video-ready with SDK

Get your platform video ready with full-featured capabilities in just a day's time with ten lines of code.


Success stories from our customers!

Juco L.

Business Owner

“Bilingual Content Creation Made Easier with Hippo Video”

Brice A.

Creative Agency Owner

“Great Marketing Tool for Accounts with Personalization and AI”

Kenjal S.

Business Owner

"Hippo Video provides a number of methods for creating high quality videos"

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Why Hippo Video?


Which one would you prefer?


Effortless video creation

Create professional-quality videos in minutes. No recording or editing experience needed.

Personalize video experiences

Tailor video messages with custom backgrounds, CTAs, and more for deeper engagement.

Scale video production

Go from one video to thousands in record time with our AI-powered automation.

Produce videos on a budget

Cut your video production cost significantly with our intuitive platform and automation capabilities.

Optimize your videos for success

Fine tune your videos with real-time feedback and engagement metrics for success.

Reach the world

Expand your reach to global audiences with our multilingual video localization features.


Uniting with popular platforms for an enhanced video experience






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Your data safety, our priority

Hippo Video prioritizes the security of your content. SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR and HIPAA compliant, our solutions meet the highest standards for data security, availability, and confidentiality.